Learn a Skill with Izzy - Episode 1 - Baking

Hey everyone. This is Izzy's new segment. I have a quick note before we get started. Please be careful when you are baking. Always get a parents help. Also, the recipe used in this episode is not real, so don't use it and expect to see results.

Isabelle: Pink
Amber: Blue

"Hello everyone, and welcome to Learn a Skill with Izzy. Today we will learn how to bake with Amber, since Thanksgiving is coming up soon."

"We are making bread. First we will crack two eggs."

"Then beat the eggs quickly."

"Now, we need 1 cup of water?"

"Pouring the water."

"OK, now for the milk."

"1 cup of milk."

"I put the milk away."

"Now, we need 1 cup of flour."

"1/2 cup of sugar"

"Why do you put sugar in bread?"

"That's my secret ingredient."

"And 1 tablespoon of salt"

"Now, we need to whisk it all together."


"Izzy, you don't need any sound effects."



"Now, we need to knead."


"It's like Play-Doh."


"OOPS! I forgot to pre-heat the oven."

"Oh well. You can wash dishes while we wait."

"*SIGH* This is going to take FOREVER!!!"

"See, that didn't take so long."

"Now that the oven is pre-heated, it's time to put the bread in."

*2 hours later*

"Does it look finished Amber?"

"Yeah, it looks great!"

"Now, we get to experience my favorite part of baking: taste testing."

I hope you enjoyed my first episode! The bread was very tasty Amber and I ate the whole loaf. I think I might even help her with Thanksgiving food on Thursday.


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