Updated Room Tour

Most of you remember our last room tour. Today, I will be showing you guys the updated tour. So previously, I had 6 rooms and  I still have 6 rooms. What we did was: add another bookcase. So I now have twice as much space. On the bottom level I have added the shelves from the bookcase to have more space. 

I was planning on having the same girls in each room, but I thought it would be better this way. 

Below, is Amber/Grace/Lanie/Tori's bedroom/closet/storage.

The closet part acts as a wall.

So does the storage.

The bed goes with a travel case, but I can easily fit 4 dolls on it.

Next up we have the Living room, all decorated for Christmas.

The bookcase is an Our Generation display case. If you ask the cashier, they might let you keep it.

I made the fireplace myself.

See how the closet acts as a wall? The "Built-in Bookcase" is an American Girl craft kit.

Next we have Lexi and Izzy's room. It hasn't really changed, except I added the sewing table.

I am hoping to get a different bed for them soon.

Ellie's room! Yes, Ellie gets a room all to herself. Why you might ask? Well, you must remember she is very bossy.

Here is the room for Amethyst's dolls. This is probably the loudest room in the house.

I really like this room. Julie, Ivy, Aubrey, McKenna, and Jade are in here.

This holds everybody's PJ's

Here is a cute little closet.

This has to be my absolute favorite wall in the whole house.

Did you enjoy the tour? I think these rooms will stay for a while. Don't get me wrong here, I plan on adding more to the house, just not to these rooms. I plan on adding a kitchen, bathroom, and a laundry room.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!