Lanie's Accessories and Butterfly Outfit Mini Review-Christmas haul part 2

Are you ready for part 2? As I said in part 1, I'm not trying to brag, I just thought you guys might like to see what I got.

Onto the pictures!

First is Lanie's Butterfly outfit.

It comes with a butterfly clip.

I really like how it looks on her finger.

The shoes are reddish orange with a white bow.

The dress is red with eyelet holes.

The orange shrug has a embroidered dragonfly and an actual button.

It buttons easily.

Next is Lanie's white tee.

I think Lanie really enjoys the earth heart.

It matches the bracelet from her accessories.

Now, in her accessories, we have her laptop bag. Everything except for her bunny fits inside. Her name, along with a dragonfly, are embroidered on it.

It opens with Velcro.

Her bracelet is really cute. It is easy to put on.

She has two postcards.

The have a cute message on the back. One is from Lanie's aunt Hannah. The other is from Dakota, Lanie's best friend.

The envelope is so cute.

The letter comes out.

It is a letter from Lanie's aunt Hannah.

It comes with three laptop clings. I do wish that they just slid in the laptop, instead of clinging to it.

Her laptop is so cute.

It opens.

The keyboard is so realistic.

Lanie's bunny, Lulu is adorable.

She has a leash because Lanie takes her on walks.

Lulu is the same size as Nutmeg, Julie's bunny.

Lanie is so happy to be reunited with Lulu.

I hope you enjoyed part 2!