The Fabulous Girl of the Year Pity Party Episode 2

Okay we left off with the GOTY's falling asleep. Well, now it is morning, and time for them to wake up.

The GOTY's were fast asleep.

Lea woke up.

The second she remembered Gabriela, she moaned and laid back down.

Lanie however, did not remember Gabriela.

She checked her laptop. Soon enough, she found a picture of Gabriela.

"Ugh!" Lanie groaned.

"You OK?" Lea asked.

"Yeah, it's just Gabriela," Lanie replied.

"Why does there have to be a GOTY every year?" Lea asked, longingly.

Izzy awoke at this point.

"Lexi! Your best friend needs you!" Izzy awakened Lexi.

"Mmm, What?" Lexi asked, still half asleep.

Izzy collapsed on Lexi.
"Gabriela has replaced me as a dancing GOTY!" Izzy moaned.

"I like you necklace Lea," Lanie complimented.

"Thanks," Lea started.

"My parents gave it to me before I left Brazil. I just want to go back there," Lea sniffed.

"You're here now. Here with 11 awesome, crazy, super sweet sisters," Lanie consoled.

Izzy pouted. "Gabriela."

Grace woke up next.

"Ahhhhh, Gabriela." Grace sprawled herself out.

Grace tugged on Lexi's pigtail.

"Why?" Grace whined.

McKenna was the last to awaken.

So, we are left with three sane GOTY's,

two drama queens,

and one extremely home sick girl.


This episode was much more fun to make than #1. Don't get me wrong though. This whole series is extremely fun, and I hope you all have fun reading.

Stay tuned!