I Belong - Part 1

Hey everyone! Diamond here with a new photo series. I will have three parts. This story is focused on Lea, so the whole thing is in her POV. Also, this is "introducing" my new doll. Did anyone guess her new name? Anyways, on with the story

I had just returned my morning jog and plopped down on a chair, when I saw a girl walking in our front door. “A little early for visitors,” I thought. We had never had a visitor at seven on Saturday morning before. I decided to investigate.
 “Um, excuse me,” I started. “Do you need something?”

The girl twirled around. I saw her face and I knew right then who it was.
 “This is my new home,” she replied, sweetly.

 “Uh, no,” I pointed out.
 “Isn’t this 1022 World of AG dr.,” she asked.
 “No, it isn’t, Gabriela,” I snapped.

 “My name is actually Tessa,” she said, as if I cared. 

Amber walked in the room.

Amber walked in the room.
 “What’s going on?” she asked, groggily.
 “I thought this was my new home, 1022 World of AG dr., but apparently it isn’t. I’ll just be going.” Tessa sighed.
 “Wait,” Amber started. “This is 1022 World of AG dr.. Who told you otherwise?”

“Her.” Tessa pointed at me.
Lea.” Amber glared at me.
“Oh! You asked if this was 1022 World of AG dr. I thought you asked about 1021 World of AG dr.” I fibbed. “Sorry.” I flashed Tessa the fakest of fake smiles.
“Well, come on Tessa. We’ll get this worked out,” Amber said, calmly.

Then, Amber said, “Well, since we had this little misunderstanding, Lea, you can show Tessa around her new home.” Amber smiled. 

“Ugh! No!” I thought. This couldn’t be happening. “This was the start of a war.” I smiled.

 “Okay. C’mon Gabriela, let’s get going.” I gave her another fake smile.
“Actually, my name isn’t-”
“Yeah, yeah, your name’s not Gabriela. It is Tessa.” This was not going to be a good day. I started giving her a tour. 

“And this is the living room.” I had finally finished the tour. 

“Phew!” I spread myself out on the couch. “I’m finally done with this stupid tour!” I thought to myself. 

Amber walked in.
“Oh! I see you’ve finished showing Tessa around. Have you introduced her to everyone yet?” she asked.
“No!” I thought. I had just spent three hours showing Tessa around the house. I wasn’t about to waste any more of my precious time. “I thought she could introduce herself,” I said, with fake sweetness.
 “Okay then.” Amber walked away. I knew what I had to do.
And thus concludes part 1 of I Belong. Keep a lookout for the next two posts!