Photos of "Grace" on Vacation Part 2

Hello friends! I'm back with some more pictures from mine and Grace's vacation. We left off at EPCOT, so now we have Hollywood Studios and some Magic Kingdom. Yeah, so in two days I took like, 1200 pictures. And I'm not even kidding. Out of those, there are probably about 10 of Grace, so let's pretend like she's in a few of these.

On the boat to Hollywood Studios.

This store looks so cool, doesn't it?

Let it go!

Fantasmic is the best show ever. EVER!

Aha! I found pictures of Grace!

I made her a MagicBand.

I also made this Tee-shirt. I spent like 3 hours sewing it. I think I will buy one off Amazon for $3 next time. 

Columbia Harbour House is so delicious! And cheap too. Well, for Disney at least.

I like the light in this picture.

This quote is awesome!


Farewell Stitch. Even if your attraction wasn't that great, your presence will be missed. *sniff sniff* Stitch is AWESOME!

Hidden mickey?

Ah, Aloha Isle. I can always count on you for a delicious, delectable, mouth-watering, tropical, juicy Dole whip. (Did I make you want one? I made myself want one.)

Let it go again!

There's a great big beautiful tomorrow!

This is the Laugh Floor. Last two times we went, my family and I were selected to be on the screen.

Huge cinnamon roll right?

Room sweet room. Oh, what's this Grace? An angry note? Just kidding. Grace was just a little bummed about not going with me.

That wraps it up for today!