Lexi's Picture Review - Z Yang Edition

Hey everyone! It is I, Lexi. I bet everyone's been missing their favorite doll. So, Z is out now! I will share my thoughts of her and her collection now.

Z doll and book

OK, so I like the idea. But Z is waayyyyy to similar to #64 for my taste. Sort of like Gabriela and #46. BTW, I haven't heard that comparison before. And the doll? She's the first with perma-panties and the material used for the cloth bodies is so cheap. As far as the outfit goes, I like the shoutout to old AG pieces, but this is kind of overkill. The shoes are still available separately right? And the pants. Those are basically Gabriela's meet pants. And the skirt is OK, but still. It is McKenna's School Outfit skirt. I do like the shirt though.

Z's accessories

OK, again with the recycled collection. Seriously, the scarf is the only thing that isn't a total copy.

Z's Sightseeing outfit

OK, the overall outfit is OK. I like the scarf. I especially like the ART crop top. But the dress? I really wish it was separate. And I KNOW I've seen those shoes before.

Z's Filming Accessories

OK, I actually like this. It isn't like, a total copy. I don't like it enough to buy, but cute. My favorite is the tri-pod and camcorder.

Z's Easy Breezy Outfit

Again, not a total copy, but not a fan. The shoes are a copy.

Z's dog, Popcorn

Once again, a total copy. I'll give AG credit for the cute clapboard toy.

Z's Scooter

Yeah, another copy. There used to be an identical one except it was blue. I like the camera.

Z's Desk

Yay! Not a copy! I love this. This would have to be my favorite item in Z's collection. It is wooden! And only $120! So cheap for AG!