Say What?

Hello all! I have a new segment thingy. It is where you guys, my readers, comment captions to doll photos! Wanna do it? Just comment captions to these photos. I probably will not have two pictures in most, but I just had a few fun pictures that were just begging to be posted. 

Photo 1:

Background on this scene: Izzy and Carrie just finished opening a new sewing room. What are they saying\doing?

Background on this: This is my dog Poco. (Yes, just like Ellie's dog. Ellie's dog is based on mine, whiny and all) Poco has jumped on Kit's bed. What is she thinking?

An example:
"Photo 1: Izzy: blah blah
Carrie:blah blah

Photo 2: Poco: blah blah"

And that is how to play Say What.

Comment away!


  1. Photo 1:
    Carrie: Oh, Izzyyy! I just finished sewing a dress!
    Izzy: Hm. Nice.
    Carrie: Don't you want to see my skills?
    Izzy: *looks at dress* YOU CALL THAT SKILL?!

    Photo 2:
    Poco: I'm kind-of 18 inches! Can I sleep here for tonight? Pretty please?

    This is so fun!


    1. Great captions! Thanks for commenting!


    2. Pretty good one! Haha!


  2. Photo 1:
    Carrie: *singing* I'm working so hard to get this dress done!
    Izzy: Carrie, please stop signing. I 'm trying to finish this dress.
    Carrie *Continues singing*
    Izzy: *Sigh*

    Photo 2:
    *Earlier* Kit: No Poco! Bad dog!
    Poco: Oh yeah? Well I'm going to sit on your bed! *Sticks out tongue*

    That is really fun! Love the pictures!
    ~ Charlie

    1. Great captions! I loved to read yours!


    2. Thank you.
      ~ Charlie
      P.S. I commented with the wrong e-mail last time. *Face palm*

  3. Photo 1:
    Carrie: Now, to add the finishing touch to my lovely new dress. Izzy, do you mind helping?
    Izzy: No way! I'm way to busy sitting here while Diamond takes pictures of us! *flips hair*.
    Carrie: *growls*.

    Photo 2:
    Poco: First, dog hair on the little humans' bed. Then, dog hair on the world! Mwahaha!

    1. I like that! Thanks for captioning!



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