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Izzy and Paige Go Exploring

Apparently, on Day 6, Izzy and Paige went exploring in the hotel room while I was gone. Here is a Photo Story.

But first the button!

"Hey Paige! I had an idea," Izzy started. "What is that idea?" Paige asked. "I was thinking that since Diamond is gone, we should go exploring," Izzy replied. "Well," Paige started. "I really shouldn't let you, but I want to myself, so what the heck. Let's do it!" So, Izzy and Paige set off exploring. Who knows what they will find? 

"Ok, so this must be the dining room. The room that we're staying in," Paige said, maturely. "Let's go further! Let's go all around the room!" Izzy shouted a little too loudly. "Shh, keep your voice down. Someone could hear you," Paige instructed.

"This must be the kitchen," Paige said. "Ooh! This is where Diamond keeps all of the food. Let's eat some!" Izzy schemed. "No, Izzy. we really shouldn…

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