Paige and Izzy's Vacation Day 3

Hello and welcome to day three of Paige and Izzy's Vacation! I hope you enjoy! The three of us had a BLAST!

We walked around the resort first. We played Ping Pong, and swung in the swings.

We also payed a visit to the craft studio. This was the ceiling.

We saw some wildlife as well. What is this? Animal Kingdom Lodge?

After our walk, we decided to watch part of UP.
Then we headed to Hollywood Studios.

This was going on whenever we arrived. Sometimes these things annoy me. 



Amethyst and I headed to Beauty and the Beast.

Because she was in a scooter, we got front row seats.

I LOVED taking pictures of this because I got none of the crowd in them.

The billboard for Fantasmic, my favorite thing in all of Disney World. (The show, not the billboard)

I love Disney's trash cans

I don't actually know what is in here.

This is where Toy Story Land will be.

See the construction?

Is this something to come?

I liked this sign.

I REALLY want to do this sometime.

This was a creative way to design the bathroom. Second only to the Tangled bathrooms in Magic Kingdom.

Where Star Wars Land will be.

I want to eat here.

Here is when we did Muppet Vision.

This is where we ate dinner.

I liked the set up of the restaurant.

This was funny.

Next, we did Toy Story Mania.

After that, we went inside One Man's Dream.

It was cool to learn about animation.

A model of the Sleeping Beauty castle.

A Dumbo car.

After we exited One Man's Dream, we went to Fantasmic.

Look at how empty the theater is!

We left shortly after Fantasmic. We hid out in a store to avoid the crowd though. 

That was day 3! We had a blast!