Paige and Izzy's Vacation Day 5

Welcome to the fifth day of our vacation! I think this was my favorite day. It was so much fun!

We started off in EPCOT.

We got our own entrance. ;)

This was fun to do.

OK, I want this now.

We started off in Mexico.

I'd never been in here before. It was so cool!

I'd never been on this ride. I really enjoyed it.

Hmm, does this remind anyone of Josefina?

Who doesn't love Panda's?

We ate lunch at Nine Dragons. I liked it a lot.

I forgot to take a picture of my food until I had already eaten most of it.

After we ate, it was time for Frozen Ever After.

The waiting queue. The line wasn't bad at all because we had a Fast Pass.

I got soaked on this ride. Who needs Splash Mountain?

This was part of Agent P's adventure.

We  stuck around for this show.

This guy was silly.

We went back on the Mexican boat ride.

So we were exiting the park, and on the way out, out of the corner of my eye I saw this topiary. I was so excited!

We got back to the room and I took the photo shoots of Paige and Izzy at this time.

That night, we went to Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes. This was the second to last showing.

Here's a video of it.

I had so much fun on this day! I did the most at the parks and I paid the most attention to my dolls.