Paige's First Post

Hello all! My name is Paige. Diamond told me to write a post. I don't think I'll go into much detail about myself since Diamond did that in REVEAL of My New Truly Me Doll. So, anyone who want's to learn about me can do that there. But, for all of the lazy people out there, I'll include a little about me here.

"Her name is Paige Noelle McBride. She's 13 years old. She lived in the American Girl Doll Orphanage Orlando with her sister Tessa for most of her life. Until, Tessa gets adopted. Paige is heartbroken. The duo stays in touch by writing each other letters. One day, Paige gets a notice that she will be adopted on May 6th. She is devastated, she will never see Tessa again because Diamond wasn't going to adopt any more dolls. Well, Diamond was going to adopt another doll. Diamond just kept it a secret from the pair. Happy ending!

Paige loves all things Disney. She loves to dance, with her favorite style being Jazz. She struggles with type 1 diabetes, but she manages. The child in her loves to dress up, especially if she can dress up as a Disney character. She has become fond of writing. She mostly writes Disney fan fiction or fantasy. She also enjoys reading fairy tales. She is often found daydreaming, especially when she's supposed to be doing chores of schoolwork. She is protective over her sister, Tessa. Tessa and Paige are as close as sisters can be. The pair does everything together."

So that pretty much sums me up. Recently, as you can all read about, I had the privilege of going on my dream vacation. I had so much fun. I didn't actually get to go inside the park, but I still had fun. And that wasn't even the best part. The best part is that I was able to be reunited with my sister at the end of my trip. 

I've signed up for Jazz class here. I really like it because it's more challenging here. I get to really push myself and learn that I'm capable of more than I thought I was. It's great you know?

When Tessa first came to the WAG residence, she told me some about her new sisters. Grace became my pen pal. Now that we've met in person, she's my bff. Other than Tessa of course. Grace and I are going to write a story together. 

As far as Disney goes, I LOVE it! Tessa and I have that (and many, many other things) in common. We're actually thinking of starting our own segment about Disney. What do you guys think? Also, now that we're on the subject of segments, Diamond wants me to let me know that all segments have been put on hold until further notice. They will still pop up here and there, but with no scheduled dates.

What do you guys think? Did you like "meeting" me? Should Tessa and I start a Disney segment? If so, any ideas?
Let me know in the comments!